Servicing (All Brands)

Servicing (All Brands)

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Why servicing is needed for your baby gear?

  1. Ensure that your baby gear is safe to use and functioning properly. Just like why we service our car!
  2. This will extend its useful lifespan.
  3. Make life easy to sell online! 

How often should I send for servicing?

  1. Once every 3 months for heavy users who use more than 4 times per week or used in areas with lots of sand, mud, rain or uneven ground
  2. Otherwise every 6 months 
  3. Or upon change of ownership

Why do I need a full inspection?

  1. To thoroughly check your baby's stroller or car seat for any faults
  2. Depending on the faults severity, we will recommend you to repair, replace or even discard the item for safety reasons

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