Charity sale of donated strollers

As part of our quest to encourage putting idling strollers to good use, we play the part of redistributing them by accepting good stroller as donation and pass it on to needy families through People's Association (PA), Residents Committee (RC) or charities group. We redistributed a stroller via Costa Ris RC, see the Facebook post at this link

At the same time,  we also resell these donated baby gear which 100% of the proceeds goes to Singapore Children's Society. 


1. How is the condition of donated stroller? 

[A] We only accept prams in good usable condition as donation. However, there may be aesthetic flaws and some minor wear and tear condition being a pre-loved item. 

2. Do you wash the item before delivering to me?

[A] Most of them are rather clean as they are wrapped up and well taken care by previous owner, a simple DIY wiping will be adequate for use. Nevertheless, we provide a concessionary 20% discount to our cleaning services for baby gear you bought through us. 

3. What if I do not like the item after buying it?

[A] Feel free to return the item to us within 7 days from the date of receipt. 

4. Do you accept other baby gear like child car seat or cot as donation?

[A] Yes and no. It depends if there are requests from beneficiary and it the item is in good usable condition. Reach out to us if you have such items to donate. 

5. I'm from a low income family, how can I get one of these donated prams?

[A] Reach out to your RC or charity organisations, let them know about your request, and they will contact us to get this arranged.