Child Car Seat Recycling

Child Car Seat Recycling

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Divert your unwanted child car seat from the waste stream to us for recycling!

Do you know that more than 80% of the materials used can be reclaimed and made into something new? By sending less to our landfills, you are helping to reduce carbon emission and doing your tiny bit to preserve the environment. 

Most recycling programs in Singapore typically do not accept child car seat, even if you take them apart. 

Here's what you can do to recycle your child car seat.

  1. Remove the fabric cover from the seat. 
  2. Cut off the harness straps.
  3. Write "EXPIRED", "DO NOT USE" with permanent markers on the shell of the seat.
  4. Send it to us at our at main store or mall outlets. 

See some of our past work:

Enjoy two-way island wide complimentary pick up and return delivery when your order is above $120, regardless of the number of items. 

For wash order drop off at our outlet, enjoy complimentary home delivery when your order is above $60. 

We work in shifts to deliver super clean strollers and child car seats back to you on the very next workday afternoon between 1pm to 5pm, if we pick them up in the morning. 

For express same day priority, the return delivery is between 7pm to 9pm, if we pick them up in the morning. 

2 way delivery fee of $36 applies if your order is below $120.

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