PramWash Singapore

Wash Date

Regular price $299.50

We now have wash date private event and can clean many items in one visit. Most suitable for a play  (wash) date, birthday party or spring cleaning!

 Please note: 

  • Basic package are provided for all items on-site which includes thorough sanitisation and light stain treatment
  • Wheel detailing is included for 20 single strollers equivalent and above
  • Free PramWash Sanitizer (30ml) for each parent.
  • Free PramWash Sanitizer (500ml) x 5 bottles for 30 strollers and above
  • Single stroller equivalent as follows;

Note: 2 way island-wide logistic fee of $36 is chargeable. Prevailing discount doesn't apply to top up amount if needed. Also for heavy stains that require Intensive / Ultimate Package may need to be brought back to PramWash workshop for treatment, additional charges applies. 


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