Drop off Ultimate @ VivoCity

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Drop off at VivoCity outlet and we will deliver back to your home after it is washed! One way delivery is complimentary for orders above $60, otherwise, $18. 

Opening Promotion: Buy-2-Get-1-Free for all services.

Address :  VivoCity #B2-22A, 1 HarbourFront Walk, Singapore 098585
Opening Hours : 1030am to 930pm

Vomit, potty accident, mould attack, pest infestation... These are the last scenario that any of parents want to be in, but you will find yourself in this scenario one day. Sometimes, it can feel like everything is going downhill, and you may be tempted to throw out the stroller/ car seat - don’t.

Our Ultimate wash is completed with all treatments available to revive your baby gear. For the comfort of you and your child, we will brave through it (with a mask) and clean it up! You will be surprised how clean your stroller is when you received it back!


  • Cleaning and removal of any major problem areas including vomit, potty accidents, mould, pest infestation
  • Removal of any hair stuck in wheel rollers*
  • Intense, deep-clean of stroller fabrics and frame

*Only applicable to models which wheels can be dismantled, please check with us if you are unsure, or refer to our list.*Note we are unable to clean items with animal's poop/ pee/ vomit.  

Add-on UV-C Sterilisation + Antimicrobial Shield (the finishing touch)

UV-C sterilisation is an extremely safe and effective way of killing bacteria, virus and stopping the spread of pathogens. Antimicrobial Shield is the world’s first aviation approved treatment. Once applied, Antimicrobial Shield creates an invisible barrier to sanitise and eliminate harmful microbes and bacteria on the surface. Have a peace of mind for 28 or 180 days!


We work in shifts to deliver super clean strollers and child car seats back to you on the very next workday afternoon between 1pm to 5pm, if we pick them up in the morning. 

For express same day priority, the return delivery is between 7pm to 9pm, if we pick them up in the morning. 

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