Waka Waka @ Annex @furama

Book a slot at PramWash's Pop-up at Waka Waka @ Annex @furama now to beat the queue. 

Address : Annex@furama, #05-01, 407 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169634.
Opening Dates/hours : Check in packages below.

We have two cleaning packages available on site (Express Plus and Basic) and two more packages (Intensive and Ultimate) available for drop off at Waka Waka (when we are there) followed by home delivery 2 work days later. 

Choose the right cleaning package based on your little one's stroller/ child car seat condition.

  • New and lightly used = Express Plus Package
  • Used and lightly stained = Basic Package
  • Well used and stained = Intensive Package
  • Well used and heavily stained = Ultimate Package

Here's a graphical table on what is done for each package.

Check out photos from our past sessions;

Click the following package icon to make booking: