On-site cleaning @ Your house

Regular price $3.00

Address : Your house
Opening Hours : 11am to 2pm, weekdays only. 
Space needed : 5ft x 10ft space for cleaning (spacious corridor is ok too)
Power needed: 2x standard 13A point 
Water needed: ~2 litres of tap water (we won't wet your floor)

We have two cleaning treatment available on site:

1. Lite (30 mins per item) - The Quick Surface Sanitization

The Lite package will remove accumulated dirt and bacteria and freshen up your pram for your baby's everyday use. This package includes everything from vacuum, wipe and steam sanitize for both the fabrics and frame. Our steam sanitising consists of a high temperature and high pressure steam cleaning that penetrates deep into the fabric to kill invisible bacteria, bed bugs and dust miles. 

2. Basic (60 mins per item) - The Essential Routine Cleaning [Best Seller!]

Everything in Lite plus light stain treatment! Recommended for the regular clean up! 

Add-on Self-disinfecting coating (the finishing touch)

Using non-toxic (baby safe) antimicrobial solution, it creates an invisible barrier to sanitise and eliminate harmful microbes and bacteria on the surface. Have a peace of mind for 28 or 180 days! We provides complimentary 28 days self-disinfecting coating (worth $15 each) for all items cleaned at your house.


Check out photos from our past sessions;


FAQ on House call: 


Can I consolidate items with my neighbour?
Yes for sure! As long as we don't have to shift the equipment. Let us know if they are nearby in the same block/ complex.

Do I need to vacate my house/ room for you to clean the items?
Not necessary, our cleaning processes are perfectly non toxic and you may stay around to see how we transform your items into looking brand new and smell better than brand new. If space is an issue, we may also use the space at your corridor or lift lobby as long as the power cable is within reach.

What much is the logistic fee?
Logistic fee of $20 applies for minimum order of $301 per house call session. Otherwise, the logistic fee will increase based on your order value as follows:

 Order value per house call Logistic fee
$50 or less $100
$51 - $100 $80
$101 - $200  $60
$201 - $300 $40
$301 or more $20