About us

Hey there, PramWash is Singapore’s first ever stroller cleaning service provider. We have more than 5000+ happy little customers who experienced our outstanding cleaning treatment and awesome customer experience. 

I'm Kenneth! My wife and I co-founded PramWash in September 2016, a month after we founded PramShare, when our PramShare customer requested us to clean their hand-me-down stroller. With absolutely zero knowledge in cleaning, after two weeks of market survey and cleaning experiment, we realised there are two market gaps that we needed to fix:

  1. There are no cleaning company in Singapore that specialise in baby gear!
  2. Parents do not know they need to clean baby stroller and car seat! As a results, they are the most neglected items in the entire house/car.

Started off as accidental entrepreneurs, we simply wanted the business to be a side line distraction for my wife when she becomes a full-time stay at home mum in 2017 (at least, that was the plan). Within 3 months, the unexpected growth of PramShare and PramWash, through word of mouth, made them no longer a pastime. 

Just a few days before our first child was born in May 2017, we managed to move the 'cleaning works' from our 85 sqm HDB flat in Queenstown to a proper space in Eco-Tech at 1 Sunview Road. Juggling our full time jobs, new parent role and just 1 part-time cleaning staff, working past midnight is common for both of us. 

Today, we pride to be the very first pram and car seat cleaning specialist in Singapore who amplify the unspoken voice of a child who can't voice out their frustration and disgust of sitting in dirty stroller and car seat. Being parent of two ourselves, child safety is the top priority in our cleaning processes which we only use 100% child safe cleaning solutions derived from plant based extracts that is made in Singapore. 

Enough of us, here's Team PramWash!

Having cleaned more than 5000 baby items, we are confident that of our high quality standard and are able to offer a 7 days money back guarantee for you to have a peace of mind. 

While we are obsessed with cleanliness and sometimes feeling uncomfortable to walk past a dirty stroller without taking our hands out to clean it (i'm exaggerating), we may still reject your item for wash if they are not fit-for-wash or not the time yet! Other than being a clean freak, we are your baby gear specialist to inspect if your child car seat has expired or unsafe for use and also your good friend to tell you to postpone your wash until you are closer to your due date.

Along side with our sister company, PramShare, PramWash plays an important aspect to extend the useful life of baby gear as part of the PramShare's circular consumption model for a more sustainable future.



We are super thankful that we have been featured in multiple press release and being identified as one of the best cleaning service provider in Singapore. :)


Brand Story

Status Quo

Every parent loves their child and wants to protect their child from all the harm in the world. This includes ensuring that the checklists are ticked when it comes to hygiene - simple things like sterilising their milk bottles, washing their clothes and bed sheets. However, the one thing that a child comes into contact most often, the stroller and/or car seat, is often neglected


Parents are often busy working, with little time to spare and could possibly not know how to efficiently and effectively wash their child’s baby gear. Most importantly, their child are often too young to communicate to the adults that their baby gear is very dirty and needs a wash.


We stand in to help these children have clean baby gear to ride in again by communicating with parents the need and importance of washing their child’s baby gear regularly.

Mission Statement

Our Mission 

PramWash aims to improve child hygiene starting from the often neglected baby gear.

Our Priorities

Child Hygiene

Awesome customer experience

Sustainable impact

Our Values