FAQ - Servicing & Repairs

  • What service do we offer?

Servicing & Repairs. For repair service, we will buy replacement parts from manufacturer on your behalf upon your approval to proceed. For servicing, we will tune-up your item by lubricating hinges/screws, tightening screws, check suspension, axles, handles bar, buttons, brakes, buckles, fabrics via a thorough assessment. This will extend its lifespan and ensure safety and cleanliness is of highest standard. After the maintenance is done, we will provide you with a grade certificate.

  • What’s a grade certificate? (coming soon!)

Post repair/servicing, our baby gear specialist will assess and evaluate your item based on safety, aesthetic and functionality features. Thereafter we will highlight major faults (if any) and provide the grade for your baby gear in the certificate. With this certificate obtained, your baby gear will be seem as inspected and verified by a neutral third party which you can use to facilitate any handover to the next owner.

  • How long does it take?

For repair service it takes about 1 days but it may vary depending on the spare parts available, however, maintenance only takes about 2 hours. 

  • Where do you get you your spare parts?

We do not own any spare part for any brand. If any replacement of part is required for the repair, it can only be done if the part is currently available in the market. You can opt for new parts from authorized retailers/original manufacturer or used parts from our inventory. You will be paying a lower price if you opt for the used part. 

  • Why do we only repair these brands?

We are still in the midst of expanding the range of strollers that we can fix. 

  • Do you repair child car seats?

Yes, we can help to refurbish and reinstall used car seats only if;

  • Not expired. All car seats have expiry dates and expired car seats can malfunction in a crash and are no longer covered by the manufacturer's warranty. 
  • In a good working condition (no rust,  no frayed harnesses, no broken buckles, etc)
  • Have never been in a collision
  • Note: only accept a used car seat from the most trusted sources.