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 Other prices:

  • 2 way delivery $36, waived if order is above $120
  • Servicing $25 per item, click here to add on into cart
  • UVC sterilisation + Antimicrobial shield (lasts 28 days) $15 per item
  • UVC sterilisation + Antimicrobial speco (lasts 180 days) $45 per item

Which package should I go for?

Choosing the right pramwash package

Refer to the following photos; 

a) For used and lightly stained items, go for our Basic X wash (first time) or Basic (2nd time on wards);

b) For well used and stained items, go for our Intensive wash;


c) For well used and heavily stained item, such as vomit/ poo/ pee/ insect infestation items, go for our Ultimate wash;

If you are still unsure, feel free to check with us at Whatsapp: +65-8686-8001.