Baby Cot/Playpen Cleaning
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Baby Cot/Playpen Cleaning

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On average, babies and toddlers spend 11 hours sleeping, tossing and drooling around in the cozy cot. Occasionally, potty and vomit accidents occurred as well. 

All these factors have unfortunately also created a cozy environment for bacteria to be the companion with your child to sleep through night as well! 


Send your cot for a wash now!

We have two cleaning packages available:

1. Basic Wash - The Essential Routine Cleaning

2. Intensive Wash - Stain Removal

3. The Ultimate Package - Revival 

Give your child a good night sleep, without the bacteria as their night companion. 


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Also, buy a Surface Sanitizer and Deodorizer for only $12.90 (r.p. $14.90). Spray this on your child's gears after every use!

Otherwise, get a PramWash Card of $200 or $400 credit for your future washes at 10% and 15% discount respectively. 

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