Carrycot/Bassinet Cleaning
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Carrycot/Bassinet Cleaning

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Gotta a carrycot/bassinet attached to your current stroller for your baby to sleep in comfortably for the first few months? Do remember to wash it well before letting the baby to sleep in! 

We have two packages available:

1. Complete Wash

This package includes vacuum, fabrics wash and sterilisation of the fabrics. It will look and smell very close to a brand new one!

2. Intensive Wash

The intensive package is required for any sort of stains that require multiple washes to remove. 


What is a carrycot?

Carrycot (or some refer as Bassinet) is a small portable bed for a baby up till 6 months, and is often attach to your stroller.  



What is the difference between a carrycot and an infant car seat?

A carrycot has an entirely flat surface with soft interior for comfort and hard exterior for protection of your child. An infant car seat, however, is usually not able to recline fully.

The main purpose of a carrycot is to provide a cozy and safe add-on to your stroller for your newborn, while an infant car seat is designed with energy-absorbing foams to protect your baby from impacts during an car accident. It is not recommended to leave your newborn in a car seat for long hours as it will affect the growth of their spine. 


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