House Calls
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House Calls

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At PramWash, we advocate regular cleaning for all your child's gear.

While we wash our bed sheets at least once a month, the recommended interval to send your child's gear for a good professional wash is once every quarter to thoroughly get rids of the sweat, dirt, food debris and invisible bacteria left behind over time. 

Call us in and get all your child's gear cleaned together for greater savings today! 

  • Save a total of $284.58 for 10 Single Stroller Equivalent (SSE) and above,
    • 20% discount (min worth $137.77)
    • Free 1x PramWash Sanitizer (30ml) for every SSE purchased, (worth min $18)
    • Free 1x more PramWash Sanitizer (500ml) for every two SSE purchased beyond 10 SSE (i.e free 1x 500ml for 10SSE, 2x 500ml for 12 SSE and so on), (worth min $8.90)
    • Free 1x more Ultimate Wash voucher for every five SSE purchased beyond 10 SSE (i.e free 1x voucher for 10SSE, 2x vouchers for 15SSE and so on). (worth min $119.90) 

Details of Basic package as follows:

  • The Basic - Everyday Essentials
  •  You’ve done your best, but baby gear do need a clean every once in a while. Our Everyday Essentials Package provides a thorough clean to remove surface dirt, dust and bacteria, leaving your child’s  baby gear fresh and comfortable for use again. Recommended for maintaining cleanliness on a regular basis.


    • Complete vacuum, wash, and wipe down of  baby gear fabrics and frame
    • Full sterilization with 165 degree high pressure steam cleaning and heat-drying to kill microbes, germs and bacteria trapped deep within fabric
    • Use of locally produced allergen-free, non-toxic and fragrance free cleaning solutions

    It’s not hygienic or sanitary to let our children wear soiled clothes. So why do we let them sit in their dirty baby gear? Call us in to get your child’s baby gear a thorough cleaning today.

    Note: 2 way island-wide logistic fee of $36 is chargeable. Prevailing discount doesn't apply to top up amount if needed. Also for heavy stains that require Intensive / Ultimate Package may need to be brought back to PramWash workshop for treatment, additional charges applies. Sunday surcharge at $100 flat rate per event.