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Every stroller and car seat cleaned by PramWash will be sanitised thoroughly before they are being delivered back to you. However, how do you sanitise them regularly after the wash?  

Now you can!

PramWash Surface Sanitiser is a fragrance free and non-toxic child safe product for disinfecting and eliminating odour. It kills 99% germs and bacteria on hard surface (plastic / metal) and fabrics. 

Direction of use
Rinse or wipe away loose soil contaminants. 
Spray directly onto surface, leave for 2 minutes. 
Wipe away excess, the residue will continue to sanitise the surface.

Note: This product is entirely formulated and packed locally, in Singapore! 

No chemical and other fragrance masking agents are added to the product that may lead to allergies and skin irritation. Yet, it is effective at cleansing and removing odour caused by food, urine and other natural waste.

We work in shifts to deliver super clean strollers and child car seats back to you on the very next workday afternoon between 1pm to 5pm, if we pick them up in the morning. 

For express same day priority, the return delivery is between 7pm to 9pm, if we pick them up in the morning. 

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