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Soft Toys Cleaning

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While we want the best companion of the softest touch for our child, the sweat, dirt and bacteria which accumulate overtime is not the optimal environment for your child. 

Your child deserves the best (and cleanest) soft toys to keep them safe, healthy and happy. Do them a favour, and send their soft toys for a wash today!

Choose from one of two cleaning packages: 

  • Express Plus  - The Quick Surface Sanitization
  • The Express Plus package consists of express cleaning process plus a high temperature and high pressure steam cleaning that penetrates deep into the fabric to kill invisible bacteria, bed buds and dust miles etc.

  • The Basic - Everyday Essentials
  • You’ve done your best, but soft toys do need a clean every once in a while. Our Everyday Essentials Package provides a thorough clean to remove surface dirt, dust and bacteria, leaving your child’s soft toys fresh and comfortable for use again. Recommended for maintaining cleanliness on a regular basis.


    • Complete vacuum, wash, and wipe down of soft toys
    • Full sterilization with 165 degree high pressure steam cleaning and heat-drying to kill microbes, germs and bacteria trapped deep within fabric
    • Use of locally produced allergen-free, non-toxic and fragrance free cleaning solutions

    It’s not hygienic or sanitary to let our children wear soiled clothes. So why do we let them sit in their dirty soft toys? Send your child’s soft toys for a thorough cleaning today.

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