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Stroller Cleaning

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Whether it’s a Honda, Toyota or BMW - you’ve got a nice set of wheels. And so does your little one - their stroller. Strollers are the Multi-Purpose Vehicles of the kiddy world. Your child eats in it. They sleep in it. They soil their diapers in it, spit up in it, and so much worse. Add that to the dust, pollution and bacteria strollers pick up on their travels with your child, and you have a recipe for disaster.


If you can remember when you last took your ride for a wash, polish and full interior clean but not when you did the same for your child’s … well, that’s where we come in.


Your child deserves the best (and cleanest) stroller to keep them safe, healthy and happy. Do them a favour, and send their stroller for a wash today!


Choose from one of three cleaning packages:

  • The Basic - Everyday Essentials
  • You’ve done your best, but strollers do need a clean every once in a while. Our Everyday Essentials Package provides a thorough clean to remove surface dirt, dust and bacteria, leaving your child’s stroller fresh and comfortable for use again. Recommended for maintaining cleanliness on a regular basis.


    • Complete vacuum, wash, and wipe down of stroller fabrics and frame
    • Full sterilization with 165 degree high pressure steam cleaning and heat-drying to kill microbes, germs and bacteria trapped deep within fabric
    • Use of locally produced allergen-free, non-toxic and fragrance free cleaning solutions

  • The Intensive - Stain Treatment Supreme
  • Kids get dirty - we get it. Whether it’s spilt juice, mud, or chocolate cake from their friend’s birthday party, these stains aren’t getting rid of themselves. Our Stain Treatment Supreme Package will take care of these pesky stains and leave your stroller looking brand new.


    • Treatment of all existing stains using multiple stain treatment solutions that are allergen-free, non-toxic and fragrance free
    • Removal of any hair stuck in wheel rollers*
    • All services included in the Everyday Essentials Package

    *Only applicable to models with wheels that can be dismantled


  • The Ultimate - Extreme Revival
  • Sometimes, it can feel like everything is going downhill, and you may be tempted to throw out the stroller - don’t. Whether it’s vomit, a potty accident, a mould attack, or even a pest infestation, we’ll take care of it so you don’t have to. The Extreme Revival Package will breathe new life into your stroller, and make it safe for your child again.


    • Cleaning and removal of any major problem areas including but not limited to vomit, potty accidents, mould, pest infestation
    • Intense, deep-clean of stroller fabrics and frame
    • All services included in the Stain Treatment Supreme Package


    It’s not hygienic or sanitary to let our children wear soiled clothes. So why do we let them sit in their dirty strollers? Send your child’s stroller for a thorough cleaning today.

    *Duration in the table refers to cleaning lead time, excluding delivery.
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