Carrycot vs Infant Car Seat

What is a carrycot?

Carrycot (or some refer as Bassinet) is a small portable bed for a baby up till 6 months, and is often attach to your stroller.


What is an infant car seat?

An infant car seat or a child safety seat are specially designed with energy absorbing foam, to protect a child from any car collision impact injury.



What is the difference between a carrycot and an infant car seat?

At first glance, carrycot and infant car seat do look similar but they are actually being construct differently to suit their intended purpose.

A carrycot has an entirely flat surface with soft interior for comfort and hard exterior for protection of your child. An infant car seat, however, is usually not able to recline fully.

The main purpose of a carrycot is to provide a cozy and safe add-on to your stroller for your newborn, while an infant car seat is designed with energy-absorbing foams to protect your baby from impacts during an car accident.

It is not recommended to leave your newborn in a car seat for long hours as it will affect the growth of their spine.