Directions to Eco-Tech @ Sunview

24/7 Self Drop-off & Collection

Please proceed to the following address:

Eco-Tech @ Sunview,
1 Sunview Road
#08-47 (take lift from Lobby B to level 9)
Singapore 627615


ALKEM2.jpgPark your car/Alight at level 1, near ALKEM
Proceed to Lift Lobby B, take lift to level 9


Turn right after exiting from level 9 lift lobby.
We are the 4th unit from the lobby, it is opens 24/7!

(Please switch off the lights and fans before leaving!)

Self-Drop Off Procedure

  1. Place an order from
  2. Take a tag from the shelf, fill up your order number and particulars
    pramwash tag
  3. Attach the tag to all of your items
  4. Select an empty locker and place your items insideIMG-20170417-WA0030 cropped.jpg
  5. Close the locker door, lock it with a 4-digits pin, follow by the "enter" (green) button

Your item(s) is now secured. Please do let us know which locker you kept your items in via Whatsapp: +65-8686-8001.

Self-Collect Procedure

*Please do not proceed to the self-collection area without any confirmation from us!

  1. We will whatsapp the locker details when it is ready for collection
  2. Proceed to the locker, key in the 4-digits pin sent to you, by the "enter" (green) button
  3. Open the locker, and there is it!

(Please switch off the lights and fans before leaving!)