Single Wash

Basic Package - The Essential Routine Cleaning

The basic package will remove accumulated dirt and bacteria and freshen up your pram for your baby's everyday use. This package includes everything from vacuum, wash, wipe and sterilise the fabrics and frame. It will look and smell very close to a brand new pram!

Intensive Package - Stain Treatment

The intensive package is required for very dirty prams with any sort of stains that need to be treated. On top of all the treatments from the basic package, we will also provide removal of hairs stuck on the wheels*.

You will be surprised how clean your pram is when you received it back after the intensive treatment!

Ultimate Package - Revival 

Vomit, potty accident, mould attack, pest infestation... These are the last scenario that any of parents want to be in, but you will find yourself in this scenario one day. 

As the name suggests, the ultimate package is completed with all treatments listed above to revive your item. For the comfort of you and your child, we will brave through it (with a mask) and clean it up!  

*Only applicable to models which wheels can be dismantled, please check with us if you are unsure, or refer to our list.