6 Important Tips for Buying a Used Stroller


Buying a stroller is one of the most important ― and tough ― purchase decisions you’ll need to make as a new parent. Your choice has to be spot on as a baby buggy is a very convenient way for the family to move about on weekends.

If you are hoping to save some money by borrowing or buying a second-hand stroller, here are some tips to help you determine whether it is safe.

  1. Do your research. Figure out what you’re looking for (travel system, jogging stroller, lightweight or travel stroller, full-sized stroller) and what’s important to you (easy fold, easy push, works with the car seat you have/want, large storage basket, additional seating or ride-on pieces available, available accessories). Don’t just settle for the first used stroller you find.
  2. Make sure it fits. Parents will tell you that how the stroller folds is very important. You should make sure that you have a stroller that fits in your car boot when folded. Ideally, you should be able to fold your stroller with one hand, so that you can hold your baby in the other arm.
  3. Safety. The safety of your baby is the most important thus look out for the sturdiness of the stroller, 5 point harness system, and the brakes. Check that they are in working condition. For example, make sure there should be no slack or loose harnesses.
  4. An adjustable handle is necessary because if the stroller is going to be used by both parents that it is important that the handle can be adjusted so that it can suit the height of the person pushing it.
  5. Frame lock feature is must have because it is important that a frame lock naturally into a position so that there are no chances of collapsing.
  6. Send it to a specialised baby equipment cleaning service. Used strollers tend to come with dirt, bacteria and sweat so it is highly recommended to give it a good wash to ensure we get rid of those. Basic Wash packagefrom PramWash includes vacuuming, washing and sterilisation of the fabrics and frame. Otherwise, to be on the safer side, go for the Intensive package for stains that require multiple washes and to remove hair from the wheels if there is any.


To be on the safe side, when you are purchasing your second-hand stroller for your child, make sure that you know of its origin. To have a peace of mind, send it for a thorough cleaning session for sterilization.

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