Behind-The-Scenes: Pororo Park X PramWash


We love these behind-the-scenes articles so we got our content writer to follow us on one of our bi-weekly pop-ups at Pororo Park.

Once every 2 weeks, PramWash sets up a booth just outside Pororo Park where the queue forms to enter the Park. A 2m-tall poster stands next to the booth, calling out PramWash’s services which includes cleaning and sanitizing strollers, child car seats, baby cots, rockers and baby carriers. Yes, we do take in baby cots.

There are customers who come in with appointments as well as walk-ins. They would drop their strollers or car seats with us and come back to pick them up after shopping in Marina Square, where Pororo Park is. Or they could visit the Park itself and when their funtime is over, come back to the booth to collect their item. We wanted to capture the crowd at the popular park and give them the opportunity to refresh their strollers or car seats while their child is at play. This would make do for little downtime.

Removing fabric from frame
High-temperature steam-clean to remove bacteria

The services offered are different from the Intensive packages on our website. Express cleaning services are only available at the pop-up event and they start at a very affordable price of $8.01 for a baby carrier. They take about 20-30 minutes and you can collect your item on the day itself. Our cleaning specialist vacuums, steam-cleans and blow-dry the items on the spot, before handling them back to you. J  

Expressing Cleaning Services (only available at pop-up events)

  1. Express (20 mins) - The Quick Surface Cleaning

The Express package will remove food debris on and hidden underneath the fabric, and on the frame.

  1. Express Plus (30 mins) - The Quick Surface Sanitization

The Express Plus package consists of express cleaning process plus a high temperature and high pressure steam cleaning that penetrates deep into the fabric to kill invisible bacteria, bed buds and dust miles etc.

  1. Basic (60 mins) - The Essential Routine Cleaning [Best Seller!]

The Basic package will remove accumulated dirt and bacteria and freshen up your pram for your baby's everyday use. This package includes everything from vacuum, wash, wipe and sterilize the fabrics and frame. Recommended for the regular clean up!

Book your appointment early to avoid disappointment!

Pororo Park is located at Marina Square Shopping Mall, #02-29.

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