Here’s What Goes On Behind The Scenes Before You Receive Your Sparkling Clean Stroller

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If you walk into PramWash’s office-cum-cleaning-operations-cum-customer-service facility at Sunview Road spanning 3 floors at nine in the morning, the cleaning specialist is hard at work.

They are called cleaning specialists because here at PramWash, there is a lot more methodology behind the cleaning of baby equipment than one thinks.  

The PramWash cleaning specialist attends to about 10 items daily from customers, either deposited at the locker system or picked up from the customer’s place by the courier. Eyebrows furrowed in concentration, he or she examines the condition of the item before starting on the cleaning process.

On regular days, they would receive similar brands or types of strollers that they already have expertise in cleaning. However, occasionally, they do see new types of strollers that are more challenging to dismantle or clean.

If the condition of the item requires more than just simple sprucing up or has stains, and the customer has booked for the Basic Wash package, he or she would need to let the administrative team know to inform the customer to upgrade to the Intensive Wash package.

Each item sent in for cleaning takes around 3 working days to deliver back into the customer’s arms. Before that, the cleaning specialists dismantle the equipment, high-pressure steam-clean and sanitize it thoroughly, all done by hand. They then use a non-tumble dryer to heat-dry the equipment, which ensures that the material of the prams, strollers, car seats or cots is not damaged. Three to four types of cleaning solutions that are odour-free, non-toxic and allergen-free, are used. All of the products are made by a local manufacturer with children’s safety in mind.

165°C High-Pressure Steam-Cleaning for Deep & Thorough Cleaning

After the equipment has been completely dried, inspection is done to ensure there is no lingering smell or dirt that has been missed. 

Inspection is done before cleaned item is delivered back to customer

On good days, cleaning is a breeze but there are some nastier cases such as vomit or urine on the baby equipment. If ‘lucky’, one may even encounter lizard eggs or bed bug eggs nestled somewhere deep after the baby equipment has been dismantled.

This is not a job for the faint-hearted. However, if you are looking for that payoff, one would certainly get a sense of satisfaction for transforming dirty strollers or car seats into sparkling clean ones at the end of the day.

This ‘sense of satisfaction’ is affirmed by one of the longest-serving cleaning specialists, Nur.

For Nur, a full-time-office lady-turned-housewife, she was attracted to PramWash’s flexible working hours. While the kids are at school, she would be at PramWash cleaning baby equipment to earn extra income. The flexible schedule allows her to get home in time for her children. Working with PramWash for slightly more than a year, she has become more knowledgeable about the different brands and makes of strollers, car seats and just baby equipment in general. Besides Nur, the team consists of 3 other cleaning specialists who either are housewives or just individuals looking for extra income with flexibility.

From left to right: Co-founders Shixian & Kenneth with Cleaning Specialist Nur

With PramWash’s plans to reach out to retail partners to open pop-up stores around the nation, they are looking to expand the team of cleaning specialists. A collaboration with one of Singapore’s largest indoor playgrounds, Pororo Park located at Marina Square, is in the works. The first of the bi-monthly retail pop-up event would be happening on 23 June, with an expected demand 3 times more than their last event at Sandy Dandy indoor playground. Express cleaning services would be offered at the event taking place till end of the year.

For more information and updates on their events, follow PramWash’s Facebook account (@pramwashsg) and Instagram account (@PramWashSingapore)!

If you are interested to be a top-notch and meticulous cleaning specialist who revels in the satisfaction of cleaning and sanitizing, apply at with your CV. To see the full job ad, please check out here.

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