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Sustainability has always been a strong global issue. If you don’t know what sustainability is, it is the act of ensuring human rights and well-being without depleting or diminishing the capacity of the earth's ecosystems to support life, or at the expense of others’ well-being. Every individual, business or organization has an important role to play in sustainability.  

At PramShare, we are a pram-sharing platform that highly encourages the practice of sharing baby equipment. Our baby equipment have been sourced second-hand, with many of them still in excellent condition. This closely aligns to United Nations SDG 12 to ensure sustainable consumption and production. PramShare’s business idea was created to meet the needs of parents (the consumers) for short-term rental of baby equipment. This is done in a sustainable fashion, ideally by sharing the items. This not only reduces wastage but also reduces the need of unnecessary upstream production in the long run.

At the same time, sharing of baby equipment has a very different element of consideration as compared to the mass market sharing of cars and houses. It is the hygiene perspective. When it comes to items where your child will get in contact with, parents such as yourself will always wonder if the rented item is clean for your child? This is where PramWash fits very well into the ecosystem of sustainability in this instance.

With PramWash’s expertise in providing specialist cleaning for your used baby equipment, cleaning and maintaining your baby equipment ensures that you can pass it on in pristine condition as much as possible. It is also a way to reduce, reuse and recycle. We also ensure that the baby gear up for rental is delivered to the customer after being properly sanitized from the last use.

Moreover, at PramShare and PramWash, we also advocate gender diversity in the workplace – as seen in our diverse team of cleaning specialists. We debunk the stereotype that cleaning is a job for women by hiring our workers based on experience and skills and not gender. In the long run, this would be a sustainable advantage for the business.  

Besides that, our Eco-Tech @ Sunview facility boasts of an environmental-friendly design where wind is channeled to cool the building. Having a space that is built with eco-friendliness in mind ties in with our mission towards a more sustainable future. As a business, we have the responsibility to adopt sustainable business practices and consumer behavior.

Here at PramShare and PramWash, we will continue to work tirelessly towards the objective and ensure any business decision we make has the long-term perspective to reduce wastage, to decrease reliance on natural resources, for a more sustainable future.  

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