How to Clean Your Child’s Car Seat At Home

If there is one thing that every parent around the world will be able to agree on, it is that kids can be incredibly messy. From food crumbs and drink spillages to sickness and accidents, your child’s car seat undergoes a lot.

Not only can this make your chair dirty and smelly, but it is also very unhygienic. As dirt, food, and grime build up, it creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. That means when it comes to your child’s car seat, you should regularly wash before use using baby-safe cleaning products.

If you have never done it before, knowing how to clean a child’s car seat can be confusing. To start with, you should always ensure that you read the manual, as this will typically show some basic instructions and help you to know where to start.

Of course, reading the manual is only one part of the process. To help you ensure your car seat is as clean as possible, here are some of our top tips:

  • Remove the seat

If you are looking to wash before use, the first thing you should do is remove the seat from the car and any bases it might be connected to.

  • Vacuum it

Once your car seat is removed, vacuum the entire seat unit, ensuring you get deep into every corner and crevice. This will help you to remove any crumbs of food or debris that might have built up over time.

  • Wash before use

Once you have vacuumed and brushed out all debris from the baby car seat, wash the entire seat fabric using baby-safe cleaning products. If you regularly clean your baby’s seat, then soap and warm water can be enough to remove any sticky messes. However, if you face ingrained stains or serious mess, then utilizing baby-safe stain cleaning products can help you bring your seat back to looking as good as new.

  • Clean any buckles

While you are waiting for your fabrics to dry, focus on cleaning any buckles and straps. You can utilize warm soapy water again for these areas and make sure you fully dry them off. This will ensure that they remain in the very best condition possible and working as efficiently as designed. If you do wash them, then before using your car seat again, you should test they audibly connect together and do not come apart when pulled.

  • Reinstall

Make sure that your child’s car seat fabric is fully dry before reassembling back with the frame. When fitting your car seat back into the car, do refer to the manual to ensure that it is securely installed and keeping your child safe.

Keeping your baby seat clean

While you should regularly clean and wash before use, there are also a number of tips you can utilize to ensure it remains in the very best condition possible. This includes:

  • Reacting immediately to any accidents or spillages. The earlier you tackle them, the easier they will be to clean up.
  • Use baby-safe cleaning products only
  • If possible, utilize a removable cover to ensure that you can easily clean it when required
  • Unless you are planning on going on a very long car journey, try to avoid giving your child and food and drink while they are in the vehicle.


Although cleaning your child’s car seat might seem like a big task, regularly keeping on top of it will help to ensure your seat remains in the best possible condition. 

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