Spring Cleaning Baby Proofing Tips


With Chinese New Year less than 2 weeks away, it is time to do some deep cleaning, decluttering and freshening up the house. With that, you would be moving items sitting in cupboards for the last year, taking out trash and it can kick up some serious dust.

If you have a baby in the house, you would want to make sure that your Spring cleaning routine is safe for her. Here are a few tips to help you in babyproofing your spring cleaning routine.

Pick the right cleaning products

Household cleaners are among the most hazardous household items for your child. Many cleaning products give off dangerous fumes or leave a residue that can be harmful to your baby. Read labels and find ones that are safer, cleaner and greener for your family.

Many consumers are switching to all-natural, organic options and DIY alternatives. Our grandmothers would swear by the power of baking soda or vinegar to keep the house sparkling clean and refreshed.

Keep out of reach

Kids are notoriously curious and once they are able to crawl and reach, they will start to pull things off table tops or off the floor. Never leave a bucket—or any container—of liquid unattended. Make sure they are always out of a child's reach. When you are done cleaning, store supplies out of sight and out of reach, preferably in a locked cabinet. Be sure to keep all household cleaners in their original containers.

Do not clean up mould in the house

Do not clean up mouldy gear in the house, especially not near an infant. Mould can cause health problems like allergies, nasal stuffiness, wheezing, skin irritation and respiratory problems. Mould exposure is dangerous as it can give off toxic fumes; it should be eliminated as soon as it is spotted.

Clean up mould outside of your house where there is enough ventilation and air for a lower risk of inhalation of mould spores that get released into the air when you clean up mould.

Use homemade bathroom and floor cleaners such as vinegar to kill mould spores regularly.

Have Ample Ventilation in Your House

As mentioned in the previous point, ensure your windows are open and there is sufficient air circulating in the house while you are cleaning.

Even with the best products, all that cleaning can kick up some serious dust or fill the home with some strong scents. Try to time your cleaning for when windows can be open to help air out the home. Even better, time it for when your little one will be outside for a bit. It is easier and safer for everyone!

Take out the trash

Kids are notoriously curious and they may stick their hands into trash bags or rubbish bins. If you are throwing away sharp items or rusty objects, do not leave trash bags lying within reach of your kids. Always have a lid on your rubbish bins to keep them from pulling trash out of them. Better yet, move such trash out of the house as soon as possible.



When you have kids in the house, spring cleaning becomes trickier and you would want to make sure that your Spring cleaning routine is safe for her.

If possible, choose organic options for your cleaning products. It is not only safer for your baby, but more friendly for the environment.



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