Toddlers Are Helpless and Look around for Help When Their Parents Force Them into Dirty Car Seats, Broken-Hearted Pram Specialists Reveal


A Pram Specialist from Pramwash, Singapore’s first pram cleaning service, has revealed that helpless toddlers are often observed looking around for help and display clear signs of discomfort and agitation when forced into dirty car seats by their parents.

Pramwash has been providing parents concerned with the cleanliness and hygiene of their child’s baby equipment such as strollers and car seats with a one-stop cleaning solution since 2016. Since they started operations, they have cleaned thousands of pieces of baby equipment, dealing with anything from simple clean ups to pest infestations to potty accidents.

One of Pramwash’s cleaning specialists has recently come forth to “beg [parents] please clean their car seat or stroller regularly”. At Pramwash’s Pop-Up events, cleaning specialists often observe parents passing by with extremely dirty strollers, which they claim to have been cleaned regularly.

“Don’t be ignorant that just wiping it with a wet wipe can remove all the hidden food crumbs and invisible bacteria on the surface.”

Indeed, most parents who are generally very concerned about cleanliness and hygiene when it comes to their precious offspring, often overlook a common breeding ground for bacteria and germs - their child’s car seat and stroller. Research has shown that strollers are one of the “germiest kid’s items”, and that car seats may be “filthier than a toilet seat”.

"Your baby feels absolutely disgusted when you put them in that car seat, even if they can’t say or express it.” Pramwash’s cleaning specialist shared some insight on the mindset of children who do experience strong feelings of revulsion and disgust as evidenced by their facial expressions, even if they may not be able to articulate these feelings. Parents who engaged Pramwash’s cleaning services also reported their child being much happier when placed in a freshly cleaned stroller or car seat.

As parents, we only want the very best for our children. From the clothes they wear, to the toys they play with, to the food they eat, we take pride in ensuring that our child gets nothing but the very best. Why do we drop the baton when it comes to the cleanliness of car seats and strollers?

"Do not say that you love them when you put them into dirty baby gear that hasn’t been cleaned properly for ages,” Kenneth Tan, co-founder of Pramwash said, visibly upset at the state of the car seats and strollers he encounters on a regular basis.

A frequent customer of Pramwash was "so glad that [Pramwash] reminded [them]  about the unheard voice of [their] little ones".

It is easy to miss the bacteria, dirt and filth hiding in the nooks and crannies of your baby equipment. But just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Do your child a favour and send your child’s car seat and stroller for a thorough cleaning today.

Pramwash offers a full array of cleaning and maintenance services to suit your every need.

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