Car Polishing

Car Polishing

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Pamper your vehicle with love with our luxury grooming service led by our car grooming veteran who has 20+ years of experience in authorized dealer in Singapore.

At Sparkling Car Polishing, we provide a 4 stage of car polishing for a sparkling result:

Stage 1: Exterior wash, claying and glaze. 

Stage 2: Surface correction with polishing to reduce fine scratches/ stains and wax for surface shine.

Stage 3: Chemical cleaning of wheels, blackening of rims and tyres.

Stage 4: Cleaning all glass panels, interior cleaning and vacuum.

Each session takes approximately 4-5 hours to complete.

Our home pickup and return delivery is at additional $30 regardless of the number of items. 

We work in shifts to deliver super clean strollers and child car seats back to you on the very next workday (Monday to Saturday) afternoon between 1pm to 6pm, if we pick them up in the morning.

For items dropped off at our VivoCity store, we will deliver back to you 2 workdays later, between 1pm to 6pm.

For items dropped off at our TradeHub 21 store, we will deliver back to you on the next workday later, between 1pm to 6pm.

Same day express return delivery is subject to availability with a top up fee, do check with us at Whatsapp: +65-8686-8001.

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