“I was wandering about in Facebook came across this service just nice I wanted to wash my stroller immediately booked and took my stroller down.. never expected the inside of the stroller to be so dirty until Kenneth dismantled the whole stroller I was shocked.. once the stroller was cleaned i was shocked that the stroller turned to be so clean.. thank you for the service!!”

– Eileen Teo


"I got a 2nd hand stroller and was looking for someone who can help me to clean it before i let my little one sit in it. Came across PramWash and engaged the boss(Kenneth). I can only give two thumbs up for the service that Kenneth had rendered. Points given for the following:
- Accommodating to my last minute request, under promising but yet over delivered
- Service oriented, sent me before pictures of my stroller and detailed explanation
- Cleaned my stroller to almost new condition
- Humble and earnest attitude!!
Highly recommended, coming from a first time parent"


– Joey Tan


"Did extensive cleaning for a second hand stroller. Received it back better than expected !"

– Safwanah Marican


"5 stars!"


– Idah Shaiful


“This is my first time sending my pram for a wash. Kenneth, the founder was extremely responsive, contacting in within the same day after I sent in my order, keeping me informed on the status of the wash and I got back the pram within a week. I was very satisfied with the cleaning, the pram looked new and all the stains were removed. Pramwash was very thorough with the cleaning and also highlighted and explained to me that there was hair trapped between the non-detachable wheels which they were unable to remove. Overall, I will highly recommend the service.”

– Cindy


The service is excellent, and both of our dirty strollers came back super clean, fresh and look like new again.. my daughter really happy to see her favourite stoller perfectly cleaned and now we don’t have to worry to use it for our newborn too when he comes out”

– Amie


"I recently had my pram washed by PramWash. Excellent service, the pram was picked up from my house & delivered in a week after cleaning. The pram looked all so new... Thank you pram wash"


– Padma


"Great service! Baby is now happy with her cleaned pram! Anyone who had stained seat cushions or second hand car seats or stroller can send it to Pramwash for a good clean before ur baby put its butt on it."


– Hui Hui


"Excellent job done to clean up our Doona car seat stroller. Kenneth is professional and friendly. Will definitely use PramWash again!"


– Wendy

"We are very pleased with the cleaning result and would certainly recommend PramWash service to busy parents around!"

– Ashlyn Thia 

Source : Ashlyn's Blog