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82% wash their new bed sheets before sleeping on it. The fabric on strollers and car seats are like bed sheets to your little one when they sleep on them. On top of the usual dye residues from fabric manufacturing process, many car seats have added flame retardant chemicals applied to the foam and fabrics which break down into dust particles posing worrying concerns to our babies' young lungs. 

The Basic X wash will remove invisible dye, chemical coating, accumulated bacteria and freshen up your pram for your baby's everyday use. This package includes everything from vacuum, wash, wipe, sanitise the fabrics/ frame, soap bath and water extraction. Recommended for baby gear undergoing cleaning at Pramwash for the first time! 

Basic X Wash Highlights:

  • Complete vacuum, wash, and wipe down of fabrics and frame
  • Full sterilisation with 165 degree high pressure steam cleaning and heat-drying to kill microbes, germs and bacteria trapped deep within fabric
  • Soap bath and water extraction
  • Use of locally produced allergen-free, non-toxic and fragrance free cleaning solutions

The Intensive wash is designed to take care of these pesky stains and leave your stroller looking brand new again. Whether it’s spilt juice, mud, or chocolate cake from their friend’s birthday party, these stains aren’t getting rid of themselves.

Intensive Wash Highlights:

  • Treatment of all existing stains using multiple stain treatment solutions that are allergen-free, non-toxic and fragrance free
  • Removal of any hair stuck in wheel rollers*
  • All services included in the Basic X Wash

*Only applicable to models which wheels can be dismantled, please check with us if you are unsure, or refer to our list.


Vomit, potty accident, mould attack, pest infestation... These are the last scenario that any of parents want to be in, but you will find yourself in this scenario one day. Sometimes, it can feel like everything is going downhill, and you may be tempted to throw out the stroller/ car seat - don’t.

Our Ultimate wash is completed with all treatments available to revive your baby gear. For the comfort of you and your child, we will brave through it (with a mask) and clean it up! You will be surprised how clean your stroller is when you received it back!

Ultimate Wash Highlights:

  • Cleaning and removal of any major problem areas including vomit, potty accidents, mould, pest infestation
  • Removal of any hair stuck in wheel rollers*
  • Intense, deep-clean of stroller fabrics and frame

*Only applicable to models which wheels can be dismantled, please check with us if you are unsure, or refer to our list.
*Note we are unable to clean items with animal's poop/ pee/ vomit.  

    Add-on Self-disinfecting coating (the finishing touch)

    Using non-toxic (baby safe) antimicrobial solution, it creates an invisible barrier to sanitise and eliminate harmful microbes and bacteria on the surface. Have a peace of mind for 28 or 180 days!


    If your baby's stroller or car seat has tough stains, you will need to go for our Intensive or Ultimate package

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