UVC Sterilisation and Antimicrobial Shield

UV-C sterilisation is an extremely safe and effective way of killing bacteria, virus and stopping the spread of pathogens. 

It eliminate 99.9 percent of various pathogenic bacteria including E. Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Salmonella and Psuedonomas Aerugonisa -- so you can be sure that your LO is safe from such germs when you incorporate this into your cleaning routine.⁠

Just like how we sterilise our LO's milk bottles to make sure they aren’t drinking germs along with their milk, baby gear can also be sterilised too! That said, how about the stroller and car seat that they lick and bite on?⁠


  • Kills 99.9% harmful bacteria & virus

  • Complete sterilisation with UV-C rays in 15 mins

  • Purely a light treatment, means it is 100% non-toxic and leave no residue behind

Antimicrobial Shield creates an invisible barrier to sanitise and eliminate harmful microbes and bacteria on the surface.

Rather than using harmful alcohol and dehydrating methods of cleaning, Antimicrobial Shield is child safe as it uses microscopic pin-like coating structure to kill the pathogens by piercing and rupturing the cell wall before it settles and penetrates onto a surface.


  • Kills most known bacteria & virus (including coronavirus)

  • Provides 180 days protection 

  • Coating will be intact even after water wash or usage

  • Eliminate odours

  • Won't stain or discolour fabric

  • 100% child safe and food safe

  • Boeing and Airbus tested (Boeing D6-7127/ AIMS 09-00-0002)

antimicrobial shield

FAQ on Antimicrobial Shield: 

Will the Antimicrobial solution stains my baby gear fabric?
The solution is non-toxic and colour-less. It will not stain or discolour your baby gear materials.

How long does it take to disinfect and completes the coating?
Antimicrobial shield disinfect immediately upon touching the surface and binds quickly to surfaces within 15 minutes.

Do I need to clean my baby gear prior to disinfection application?
You may leave your baby gear as-it-is. Antimicrobial shield will still be able to disinfect and protect your surface even when there is dust or stains. If you want stains to be treated, you may consider our Basic X or Intensive package. 

Can I keep the accessories and add-on in the baby gear?
You are encouraged to tidy up your baby gear in order to achieve optimal application coverage.

After coating, can I do my usual cleaning on my baby gear?
Regular cleaning is encouraged for optimal cleanliness of your baby gear. Common cleaning products will not remove the Antimicrobial coating.

Is the antimicrobial solution made in Singapore?
Yes, 100% made in Singapore. It is made by our solution partner Spic & Span who developed a special version for us with added photocatalysts which boost the coating effectiveness when baby gear goes outdoor.