This local startup is the only pram wash service in Singapore and we tried it

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If you are a parent, you’ll know that it is very hard for kids to understand why they shouldn’t wipe their dirty, food-laden fingers on the stroller seat or car seat, especially when they are young toddlers. 

As a clean freak, those are among my bugbears.

So it was welcome news when we first found out about PramWash - a local startup that specialises in cleaning strollers, car seats, carry cots or bassinets and baby carriers. 

Founded by Singaporean Kenneth Tan, PramWash was launched last September after Tan discovered there was no one offering such a service dedicated to thoroughly cleaning prams and car seats. 

Despite have a day job, the 29-year-old decided to start this online business with his wife, Shixian, to fill this gap. And we’re glad they decided to do this. 

Strollers and car seats are hard clean, so these were the two items that PramWash worked their magic on. 

If you own either of these, you’ll know that no amount of vacuuming can get deep into the grooves of the car seat where food crumbs are stuck. Well, at least that was a challenge for me. 

So to get to those hard-to-reach areas, what PramWash does is to take all the components of the stroller apart before cleaning it.

There are two types of packages available - the Complete Wash or Intensive Wash. The former includes vacuum, fabric wash and sterilisation of the fabrics and frame, while the latter has all of the above, plus stain removal and hair removal from stroller wheels. Prices start from $40 for cleaning of car seats or $60 for cleaning of strollers. There is also a package for stroller and car seat cleaning that starts from $90.

The fabric of my stroller seat had food stains so it had the ‘Intensive Wash’.

However, take note that it takes up to five days for PramWash to clean your gear. While your items are being spruced up, you can rent replacement gear available on their website too.

Depending on the type of replacement stroller or car seat you pick, your cost will go up. So be mindful to pick the most basic models to keep the cost down. If you don’t use a stroller that often during weekdays, then perhaps you won’t even need to rent one. 

You can either opt to drop off your item(s) at a locker in Jurong, which is free but is a hassle because of the distance, or pay for a courier service, which varies from $15 to $30 for a one-way or two-way delivery on weekdays. There is a surcharge for delivery on weekends or public holidays. 

Five days without a car seat was too long a down time for me as I had to ferry my child to playschool daily.

PramWash made the process really seamless when they offered to pick up and deliver the replacement items I rented at the same time. Typically, the rental equipment would be delivered the next day at noon, which meant some down time in the morning. 

My gear was returned to me within four days, smelling fresh and looking brand new. Take a look at the results here. 

Kudos to PramWash for a job well done and for being the first in Singapore to come up with such a service.

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